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A Letter From Dr. Hill & Staff

To All Clients and Friends of Green Hill Veterinary Care:


I regret to write that Green Hill Veterinary Care is no longer seeing any in person appointments for the remainder of 2020.  I am only allowing one employee at a time in the hospital in hopes that we will be able to offer virtual care versus shutting down for 2 weeks or longer in the event of a COVID-19 infection.  Due to only having one employee present, we can not safely care for your animals in person the way that they should if a serious problem arises. We will be working as a team remotely and trying our best to help you through this situation.

As with any business, tough decisions need to be made and safety and health of my staff, their families, clients and their families is the number one priority at this time. 


This is not an easy decision again.  This has been a challenging year in more ways than could be imagined.   Our goal at GHVC is to provide the best possible care to your pets.  We have gone through this before and are better prepared to be able to handle cases via remote access (emails, videos, calls, etc.).  We will be working as a team checking emails, checking voicemails, filling medications and offering care and advice during our normal business hours.

We will be working more diligently behind the scenes to get you the help you deserve and need during these times.  We are in direct contact and have spoken to local veterinarians to assist with in personal visits.  If you have a secondary veterinarian, please reach out to them for assistance and we can send any records that are needed.  Also, if we are your secondary veterinarian, please know that we will not be an option for physical exams or treatments.

I also recommend having any long-term medications being filled to last until the beginning or middle of February.  We have been experiencing some delays in getting medications due to the supply chain and shipping times.  With the holidays fast approaching, I foresee even more chances of delays. 


If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health, please contact and someone will be in touch. If you have any questions, concerns or grievances, please email me directly at so I can promptly address them.


Take care and be safe,

Dr. Hill and the GHVC team

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